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Party Portraits on B/W Instant Polaroid Film
Unique "Party Favors" your guests take home!
One-of-a-kind, B&W Portraits shot on professional B&W Polaroid Film


B/W PARTY PORTRAITS are unique, one of a kind, BLACK & WHITE PORTRAITS shot on B&W Polaroid. These portraits are created during a PARTY, WEDDING RECEPTION or EVENT, in a studio-like setting that Jean and her assistant set up prior the the start of an event. These portraits are shot on high-speed B&W Polaroid film, and each portrait is enclosed in a sturdy, signed, white folded card. Each finished portrait is handed directly to each guest in under 3 minutes or displayed on a nearby table for later pick up.

As each guest enters the studio-like setting (a roped off area complete with canvas background, lights, and tables), they are immediately welcomed by Jean and encouraged to be spontaneous and to enjoy the moment. She creates a fun, comfortable atmosphere, where she interacts with each guest. While most people enter as a couple, she does shoot singles and groups. She will generally shoot (2) versions, depending on the number of guests and the length of the line. It's very entertaining to be in the waiting line, as the "in-line guests" get to observe and share in the laughter (and sometimes outrageous anticts) of the guests being photographed before them.

Jean is constantly observing, and works quickly to draw out the emotions and personalities - as well as capturing amazing moments and reactions between people. She will often ask guests to sway back and forth, which usually inspires a more relaxed body language with natural expressions and honest laughter. The lighting is very graphic, and she often moves the main light, to enhance individual features. This combination of graphic lighting and the B&W Professional Polaroid Film, creates unique images with both beautiful skin tones and pleasing contrast.

These one-of-a-kind, B&W Party Portraits are timeless "mementos", that capture the spirit and energy of any event, party or celebration. They are "Interactive-Entertainment" and a "Party Favor" in one.

PRICING / Specific Requirements

A 12'x15' indoor - open area, is needed for the canvas and lighting. This area should be on the DARK side, and away from daylight and preferably up against a wall or in a corner. Jean does need electricity and a few tables for work and display surfaces. The area is generally roped off, with a designated entrance and exit. (For more intimate gatherings where space is an issue, Jean is more than happy to figure out alternative plans.)

Jean works with a professional, large body camera and professional B&W Polaroid film. She usually works with an assistant or 2, and arrives early to set up and test. It takes up to 2 hours to sometimes load in and set up, depending on the size of the party and venue. It takes about 1 hour to dismantle. The actual Polaroid image is 3 3/4" wide by 2 7/8" high. They are slipped into white cards that are 6" wide by 4 3/4" high, when they are folded over.

Pricing is based on the number of guests and length of party, and Jean usually works the entire time of the party or event. It's important to let a party naturally unfold, so as guests start to relax, loose their inhibitions and as the cocktails start to kick in, many of them return to the line for a second time.

There is a 2 hour minimum. A basic party of 150 Guests, for 3 hours of shooting and (200) B&W Polaroid Portraits starts around $1200.  A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to reserve the date and the balance is due before Jean starts to shoot. Check or Cash, no credit cards yet. Jean needs 1-2 weeks lead time, and will reserve a date up to a year ahead of time. Checks are to be made out to: Jean Lannen
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NBC-TV, San Francisco, 2002
LAUNCH Incentives, Event Planners, 1998-2005
CalFed Bank, Phoenix and Squaw Valley, 2001-2002
Ronald McDonald Foundation, Palo Alto, Fund Raisers 1998-2006
ORACLE Technologies, Holiday Parties, 1999-2000
TIBCO Software, San Francisco, Holiday Parties, 2002-2007
Seneca Capital Management, San Francisco, Holiday Parties, 1998-2001, San Francisco, Launch Party, 2000
DOCENT Technologies, San Jose, Holiday Party, 2001
Allison Weddings, Event Planner, Santa Cruz, 2000 - 2005
Parsley Sage Rosemary & Thyme, Catering & Events, Silicon Valley, 2000-2009
Dale Wilson Law Firm, Sacramento Lawyer, Holiday Parties, 2000-2009
Dan McCall Events, Catering & Events, San Francisco, 2002-2006
 Organized Chaos, Event Production, San Francisco, 2003-2007
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San Francisco City Hall  •  Palace of Legion of Honor  •  Golden Gate Club  •  Asian Art Museum
Bay Meadows  •  Flood Mansion  •  Garden Court Hotel  •  The Ritz  •  Tiburon Yacht Club
San Jose Discovery Museum  •  Coyote Point Museum  •  Villa Montalvo  •  Inn at Squaw Valley
Computer History Museum • Hayes Mansion, San Jose

Jean Lannen and her B/W Party Portraits

Jean’s spontaneous, creative energy is supported by 20 years of experience. She came up with her idea for PARTY PORTRAITS, while participating in the San Francisco - Hayes Street Fair in 1990. The idea has slowly developed over the years, and her "Party Portraits" are now are a large part of her business. She also shoots advertising, editorial and fine art photography.

JEAN LANNEN, is based in the San Francisco Bay area, but travels the world.
Please contact her with any questions about travel.

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