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EYE CANDY:  Trinkets, Liquids, Baubles and Balls
Photography / Original Pieces #1 - #49 pictured above 
All artworks are 6" x 6" x 1/4". (Digital Pigment Prints adhered to wood panels.)
Each piece has a unique textured surface.
My final (49) photographic pieces that were createed for the big 50-50 Group Show.
(Over 60 artists create (50) artworks in (50) days. All artworks are 6"x6" wood panels, and are available for sale!)
Each photograph is adhered to a 6" x 6" wood panel.  
Each piece is unique and has a one-of-a-kind textured surface.
Each piece is varnished for protection, signed, titled and numbered on the back and ready for hanging.

"Scrumdiddlyumptious"   "Sugar For The Eyes"   "Balls, Balls, Balls"
ROW ONE  #1 - #7 (left to right)

ROW TWO  #8 - #14 (left to right)

ROW THREE  #15 - # 21 (left to right)

ROW FOUR  #22 - #28 (left to right)

ROW FIVE  #29 - #35  (left to right)

ROW SIX  #36 - #42 (left to right)

ROW SEVEN  #43 - #49 (left to right)


MIX and MATCH - COMBOS - EYE CANDY - These (6) Make A great Wall Display
(50) Individual Pieces - Sold Separately

TOP ROW:    #10 Exotic Elixir, #3 Frozen Ice Berry, #4 Green Fairy
MID ROW:   #20 Velvet Honey Beads, #40 A Shot Of Happy, #13 Fancy What Nots
BOT ROW:    #44 Frozen Rain, #35 Sour Cherry Sugar Ball, #9 Flower Jewel
TOP ROW:    #18 Spiral Upwards,   #28 Wet and Wild
BOT ROW:   #21 Crystal Divinity,   #26 Dream Out Loud (sold)
 Here's a few comments from patrons and fans:
Yum, yum!  I love them! - Betsy Wolf
"Your colours are exquisite. They are literally yummy, and that is not a word I use.
congratulations." - Bill
"REEEEEAAAAAALLLLLY GOOD STUFF. Bolisimo!!!!!" - Timothy Shonnard
"Rock n’ roll, Jean!  How wonderful to see your beautiful work – thanks for keeping me posted" - Emily Miller
"Oh now you are just teasing me!!!!...or torturing me. i LOVE these, too!
These new ones are SO SUPER GROOVY" - Michele R.
I love your work!!! Belissimo, Baubleisious! - Cheryl, Funkie Mama
For 50 days and 50 nights, I became the "kid in the candy store". I was both Alice in Wonderland and my favorite Dorothy in Oz.
With the help of my magical sun goddess, and my magical glass and magic box in hand,
I tripped down my rabbit hole, soared over my rainbow and landed in my CandyLand.
In this tiny world of wonder, created on a 2' by 2' surface, I soared thru exaggerated space,
dodged ginourmous balls of sparkle, got stuck in liquid color pools,
climbed the never-ending spirals upwards and looked directly into the great blinding white light.
I was both "mad scientist and voyeur". Creator and Observer. The controller and the reactor.
All the photographs were captured thru a macro lense and printed digitally.
Each print was adhered to the wood panel with viscous liquids and a secretive process.
Each piece has a unique textured surface and is varnished for protection.
I have numbered, titled and signed each piece on the back. 
They are ready to be hung and adored.
TOP ROW:    #28 Wet and Wild,   #39 Love Your Life
BOT ROW:   #21 Crystal Divinity,   #34 Liquid Sky
TOP ROW:    #18 Spiral Upwards
MIDDLE ROW:   #24 (sold)   #5 Cherry Bomb     #26 (sold)
BOTTOM ROW:   #32  It's A Twista
TOP ROW:    #36 Melted and Sticky,   #7 Kool Aid
BOT ROW:   #2 Magic Wonder Ball, (sold)   #8 Lemon Ice Cake






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